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How to participate

Who Can Apply?

All Young African Dynamic Women living in Turkey and Interested in Leadership and Goodwill. Women with a mission to redefine the image of women of African descent.  Miss Africa Turkey Celebrates African Unity in the diaspora and the Pride of the Motherland.
Here are the various regional (in alphabetical order) from where you can send your application, by email.
- Akdeniz bölgesi
- Do?u Anadolu Bölgesi
- Ege bölgesi
- Güneydo?ubölgesi
- Iç Anadolu Bölgesi
- Karadeniz Bölgesi
- Marmara Bölgesi

(*) Please don’t forget to mention your living town when selection your regions


- Age Range 18- 35
- Must not be Married
- Must not have children or be Pregnant
- Student, Graduate or Professional with Career Ambition
- Must have a Leadership Goal
- Must have a Platform / Cause to Champion/Advocate
- Must be legally resident in Turkey
- Must be Able to Travel to Istanbul to Participate in the Final Pageant in august 2022
- Previous Pageant Experience or Title Holder is Not Required
- If you are considered a minor in your home country, show parental consent